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My name is Joseph Stout. I have been tinkering with code for as long as I can remember. I started coding as a hobby when I was younger when my father ran an internet business, and after years of self taught coding I decided to start doing it professionally as a career. I prefer to think of myself as a backend web developer with more of a focus on coding than physically designing websites. I have experience with many different web-technology products, from open source, to pay-to-use. I am looking for an outstanding and professional career where I will channel my all efforts into doing service and learning in return. I am currently attending Columbus State Community College for a Bachelors in Web Development with an anticipated graduation date of June 2018. Languages

I have a large portfolio of all my work, some of which is available to tinker with on my site. Go ahead and look around and dont be afraid to get into contact with me. :)


I have been coding in html since the early 2000's. ~12 years experience.


I have been styling in CSS since the early 2000's. ~12 years experience.


Completly self taught, I have been manipulating images since I was 13. ~10 years experience.


I am newest to php but it is my favorite language so far. ~3 years experience.


I am a huge fan of JetBrains, their products are amazing and I would recommend them to anyone. ~3 years experience.