NYC/Atlantic City

NYC/Atlantic City

We were just laying in bed this past Friday night trying to figure out what we wanted to do over the weekend. Kaylin stepped out to feed Julian and an idea popped into my head. I called Kaylins mom and said,

“Want to do something crazy?”

“How Crazy?” she replied.

“Want to drive to New York City tonight?”

“Hell Yeah”

So we packed our stuff up at 10 at night, bought a Hotel spur of the moment, and drove to NYC.

When we got there it was 7AM and we were ready to start the day, even though we were dead tired from driving the entire night.

The Drive In

The worst part of the entire trip was the drive into NYC. Ive never driven in such a large city so I was very nervous, ontop of that the city was very foggy on the way in so it made it much worse.

Julian definitely enjoyed the hotel more than anything during the trip.

Julian VS The Big Apple
Quick nap

First stop food and statue of liberty

We ate at the ridiculously expensive Brooklyn Diner, Kaylin had an omelette and I had some french toast. After we ate we took a cab to a pretty sketchy looking place where they sold us tickets for a boat ride to the statue of liberty. It was definitely worth it though, especially since we got to ride back in a limo.

World Trade Center Memorial

After the statue of liberty, we took a limo to the world trade center memorial. It was very surreal, especially inside the memorial.

Hard Rock Cafe, Carlos Bakery and Times Square

Hard Rock Cafe had the best nachos you’ve ever eaten (not pictured). If you go there I recommend them 100%. The burgers were also very delicious! Carlos Bakery was kinda overrated, Kaylin said the food was way too sugary, and the line was out the door with only one person running registers. Times square was pretty awesome, there was some kind of concert going on in the middle. We weren’t sure who it was that was playing however.

Road Trip to Atlantic City

On the last day, we decided to take the long way home and spend some time in Atlantic City. We went straight for the boardwalk, ate at a seafood place and walked on the beach before it started getting really windy and cold.

All in all it was a very successful adventure!

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